What We Do

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Pauly Group Finds the Right Candidates, the Right Way.

Does your community or technical college need to find a new president or senior administrator? Searching for the right candidate can feel like a daunting task, but it really doesn't have to be. You just have to work with an academic search firm with a time-tested process for success, like Pauly Group.

Our Process

Pauly Group has been providing community and technical colleges with ideal candidates for more than 25 years. Through careful planning and our established process, we can help you find the leader to fit your organization and help it thrive and succeed.

Our clients appreciate the fact that our process is personalized, smooth, and professional. This process creates a foundation of success for the person hired in the search.

Pauly Group President Angela Provart is personally involved with every search we do. She works closely with a team of consultants every step of the way and is always available to our valued clients.

Click on each step below for a closer look at what you can expect when you work with Pauly Group. Your college can contract for a full search or for individual services like recruiting or referencing.

  • Through personal conversations and explanations of the search process, Pauly Group will establish trust with your trustees, college leaders, staff and faculty. Our team will provide guidance to your Board from the beginning of the search to transitioning process.
  • Pauly Group will help you determine the qualifications and characteristics needed for any administrative position at your community college.
  • We will develop a search timeline and position profile, including minimum qualifications, desired characteristics, challenges, and opportunities.
  • We’ll conduct discussions with internal and external stakeholders in order to gain insight on the needs of the college.
  • We’ll provide guidance and advice for the development of your search committee and coordinate meeting schedules.
  • Your internal and external stakeholders will receive detailed reports about the search process.
  • Your team will receive clear and consistent status reports, both verbally and via email.
  • We will develop and execute a strategic targeted advertising campaign to reach candidates with diverse backgrounds that meet your qualifications. The campaign will include personal recruitment, social media and traditional advertising channels.
  • We will organize the maintenance of the search page on your website.
  • Our team will create and distribute various announcements to reach approximately 1000 potential applicants for your position. This is done via email, text message and personal phone calls.
  • We will protect the confidentiality of all candidate information.
  • Pauly Group will facilitate the development of candidate selection criteria with your Board.
  • We will advise your Board and Search Committee about the application review and interview techniques.
  • We’ll assist your Board/Search Committee with the development of interview questions.
  • Our team will facilitate candidate interviews with your Board/Search Committee.
  • We’ll conduct thorough reference and background investigations on candidates and provide written reference reports. This referencing includes extensive interviews with up to eight listed and unlisted references.
  • Our team will conduct the preliminary review of applicant qualifications.
  • Pauly Group will provide your team with a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates.
  • Printed materials will be provided with applicant rankings to assist with the selection process.
  • We’ll coordinate Board/Committee discussions regarding the final decision.
  • We’ll negotiate the contract between your Board and the selected candidate.
  • We’ll facilitate the plan for presidential or senior administrator’s transition.
  • Pauly Group will maintain frequent and effective communication with applicants in order to keep them engaged in the process.
  • Our team will coordinate and schedule candidate interviews.
  • We’ll obtain candidate permission to conduct thorough reference and background investigations.
  • We’ll provide stringent protection of applicant confidentiality.
  • We’ll notify all nominators and applicants of the Board’s final selection in a prompt and professional manner.
  • Our referencing is a full 360 degree view of candidates based on extensive interviews with sources.
  • We interview between 8 and 10 sources for each candidate we reference, including unlisted sources.
  • We provide an experienced Project Manager to consult with hiring managers on position requirements, discuss concerns about potential candidates, and answer questions during or after the reference process.
  • We’ll write reference interview questions that are specific to your college and position.
  • We provide comprehensive, written, reference reports for your decision making.
  • From our beginning, Pauly Group has set the standard by incorporating the latest technology into the search process. By using the latest communications tools and technologies, searches for Presidents and key administrators are more efficient and affordable.
  • We provide online reading and discussion rooms, which provide greater efficiency and save time for our clients.
  • Decision makers can access confidential reference reports through our secure website.
  • Our videoconferencing services are used for interviews and search committee meetings. These provide enable committee member the opportunity to meet a larger, more diverse candidate pool and also significant savings in consultant and semi-final candidate travel.